CNBC: Where the GOP can always get a pat on the back

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

It's like they're handing out training wheels over there.

Today Rep. Paul Ryan appeared on CNBC to discuss Obama's proposed budget and to hype the (unseen) Republican alternative:

We're going to go in a completely different direction, and show the American people how we would do things much, much differently to restore growth and confidence to our economy, keep the American economy growing, and not switch over to a Europeanized type of economy.

The reaction from the CNBC's guest co-host, Fred Malek, founder of Thayer Capital Partners?

Paul, that gives me a lot of confidence, what you said. I think you're absolutely going in the right direction.

And CNBC corporate boss Jeff Zucker wonders why the channel remains a prime target for criticism?

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