The WashPost is very easily "distracted"

The WashPost is very easily "distracted"

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From the WashPost's Ben Pershing. It's just painful to read:

Is the White House doing its level best to distract people from the cratering economy and the AIG bonus controversy?

That's the premise, that there's a concerted White House effort to "distract people" from certain unavoidable news topics. And what, exactly, are those ingenious distractions? Pershing lists these as evidence:

1. Obama appeared on TV last night.

2. Obama made a joke on TV about bowling like a Special Olympian.

3. Obama mentioned his dog on TV.

4. Michelle Obama planted a vegetable garden at the White House.

5. Obama filled out his March Madness hoops bracket.

Are normal "people" distracted by those events? We can't imagine who would be. But for the Post, and many in the press, the trivial occurrences inexplicably demand attention.

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