Politico: Republicans are brilliant. Again.

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

This Ground Hog coverage has already gotten old and it's only the second month of the Obama administration.

Remember how the Beltway press, including Politico, rushed to the judgment last month that Republicans had won the message war on the stimulus bill and how Republicans had outmaneuvered the beleaguered White House and how the GOP in Congress had its mojo back? The meme was everywhere.

Except somebody forgot to tell the public.

Well, Politico's back using the same script. Republicans are winning the AIG message war. Republicans have outmaneuvered the White House, and the GOP has its mojo back.

And just in case readers didn't get the point, Politico laid on the hysterical rhetoric thick: Dems were in "disarray." They were struggling "with their new reality." Dems were forming a "circular firing squad." The Capitol resembled a "three-ring circus."

And that was just the first paragraph.

Bottom line: The RNC hearts Politico.

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