Howard Kurtz cannot be serious

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Does Howard Kurtz really think Sean Hannity would praise Barack Obama if only he had more time to think things through? That's what he seems to be suggesting:

As the Dow embarked on a long slide after Inauguration Day -- a nearly 2,000-point slide, to be precise -- the drumbeat seemed to grow louder.

"There's no confidence in Obama's plan," said Fox's Sean Hannity. "The markets respond to data. They have no confidence."

"The stock market is also demonstrating a lack of confidence in the president's big government agenda," said CNN's Lou Dobbs.

And it's not just those on the right. CNBC's Jim Cramer -- an unabashed Democrat -- complained that President Obama's "radical agenda" was causing the "greatest wealth destruction I've seen by a president."


The chatter reflects a fast-forward culture that demands snap judgments. The cable news channels, not content to wait for the traditional 100-day benchmark -- itself an artificial media construct -- were grading Obama last week on his 50-day performance.

This is absurd. Sean Hannity isn't attacking Barack Obama because he exists in "a fast-forward culture that demands snap judgments." He is attacking Barack Obama because he is a partisan Republican who reliably attacks Democrats. It's who he is, and it's what he's paid to do.

Likewise, anybody who has watched more than six consecutive minutes of Lou Dobbs' daily rantings should understand that his criticisms of Obama don't result from a need for "snap judgments" but from his worldview. And Jim Cramer may be "an unabashed Democrat," but given what we've learned in recent weeks about his shameless cheerleading for Wall Street, his criticism of Obama is pretty predictable, too.

Howard Kurtz is the nation's most prominent media critic - and he thinks Sean Hannity might praise Barack Obama's policies if only he weren't forced to make "snap judgments"?

Come on.

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