"The Real Problem with CNBC"

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

According to Cenk Uygur at HuffPost [emphasis added]:

The real problem is their reporting - or lack thereof. The CNBC reporters and anchors make the Bush press corps look like draconian inquisitors. They are obsessed with access. This is a problem with all of the media, and something Jon Stewart points out all the time. But it is particularly acute at CNBC (and all other business news channels)...They were part of the broken system. There was no journalism going on at CNBC. That is what our underlying complaint is.

UPDATE: HuffPost's Dan Solin also unloads on CNBC:

Investors want to know if the market has bottomed out. The answer is: no one knows. CNBC has not yet bottomed out, and that is contributing to the problem.

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