Clueless New York Post invents news

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Even for the lowly and permanently substandard Post, this is quite atrocious. It's from the daily's "article" about the Nancy Pelosi plane nonsense, a topic we dismantled earlier today.

In it, the Post claimed Pelosi "clashed" with the military in order to get "nonstop service" when she flies home to California.

In fact, it was the Republican White House, following 9-11, that urged the Speaker of the House to fly on military planes, and it was the House of Representatives' Republican-appointed Sergeant at Arms, Bill Livingood, who requested from the military a plane that could fly Pelosi non-stop to California.

So yes, the Post falsified the key fact in its "news" article. Geoff Earle, you must be proud.

UPDATE: In the Post, Michelle Malkin also plays dumb (it's a calling) with an "Air Nancy" column, in which she forgets to inform readers that it was the Republican White House that insisted the Speaker fly on military planes.

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