Howard Kurtz plays dumb about Rush Limbaugh

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Big shock, we know. But today Kurtz transcribes GOP talking points that the White House under no circumstances is allowed to mention Rush Limbaugh's name and that by answering reporters' questions about Limbaugh, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs is "going after private citizens." Because apparently the First Amendment no longer applies to the White House.


But here's where Kurtz plays dumb, as he puffs up Limbaugh:

For nearly two decades, the radio host has masterfully inserted himself into political disputes by pushing the usual boundaries. In last year's Democratic primaries, he tried to derail Obama with what he dubbed Operation Chaos, urging his followers to cross over and vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

See, Limbaugh's a master. Except when he's not. Like, oh, I don't know, 12 months ago when he launched a jihad against John McCain, announcing that under no circumstances was he to become the nominee of the Republican Party.

And what did Republican voters nationwide do in response? They promptly ignored Limbaugh's rantings and handed McCain an easy nomination victory.

Yep, that Rush is a real master.

UPDATE: More of the right-wing nonsense (courtesy of Fox News) that Rush Limbaugh should be "free to speak his mind," but that's it's basically illegal for the White House to respond.

Wingnuttery, indeed.

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