Time's Michael Scherer plays dumb about Rush Limbaugh

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Eagerly adopting the latest media spin (spoon-fed by Rush, of course), Scherer claims it's Democrats who have created the Limbaugh controversy.

Really? It's Democrats who sparked the internal debate within the GOP about Limbaugh's role in the movement? It's Democrats who elevated Limbaugh to leadership status? It's Democrats who prompted Limbaugh to say all kinds of controversial and hateful things in recent weeks? It's Democrats who told Fox News to broadcast Limbaugh's 80-minute speech Saturday night? It's Democrats who forced the GOP chief to bow down to Limbaugh on Monday? And it's Democrats who turned Limbaugh into a laughing stock?

Who knew Democrats were so powerful?

As one astute Time commenter notes:

GIVE ME A BREAK. The White House has spent a total of maybe 20 minutes on Rush in the last week. The Republicans are the ones causing their own meltdown.

UPDATE: And apparently it's Democrats who convinced conservative columnist Kathleen Parker to write yet another MSM column about Limbaugh ("Rush to the Wrong Choice"). How do Democrats do it?

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