When Rush Limbaugh says jump, Andrew Breitbart asks how high

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Back at the time of the inauguration, Breitbart, the conservative, Hollywood-based writer, declared [emphasis added]:

The conservatives, Republicans and sundry non-lefties I know in show business have had nothing to say but positive and helpful things about the coming Obama presidency.

"We wish him well." "He is our president now and he needs our help."

These are the types of things I keep hearing. And this is exactly the right attitude and exactly the right message.God bless, President Obama. You have my best wishes and all of my best efforts. Even though I didn't vote for you, and disagree with much of your agenda.

But that was before Rush Limbaugh announced that he wanted Obama to fail. So what does Breitbart do? He flip-flops and sides with Limbaugh of course, and now claims that the AM talker speaks the unvarnished truth.

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