NCLR President demands correction from Hannity

NCLR President demands correction from Hannity

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Last night, we noted that Sean Hannity claimed the National Council of La Raza "has called for Mexico to annex southwestern states."

That isn't true, and today, NCLR president Janet Murguía blasted Hannity in a letter to Fox Executive Vice President John Moody:

NCLR has never made the statement and does not support the views Mr. Hannity attributes to us, as even a cursory review of our public statements or website would substantiate. Such conspiracy theories would be silly if they were not so often used to create fear and distrust of all Hispanics living in America. While Mr. Hannity is well within his rights to disagree with the views of our organization, he is not entitled to lie about us. In light of this, we are asking in the strongest terms possible for an immediate on-air correction.

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