So what's the WSJ going to do with Limbaugh's Fairness Doctrine column?

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Yesterday on his radio show, Limbaugh announced the WSJ had asked for a piece about the Fairness Doctrine. (Don't bring back the Fairness Doctrine!) The talker explained he wrote an open letter to Obama--he couldn't just write a column likely everybody else--about the Fairness Doctrine and censorship in media; the column was expected to run Friday.

But yesterday, the White House made clear that Obama remains opposed to reinstating the Fairness Doctrine.

Faced with that conundrum, here's what Limbaugh said on his show yesterday:

At the next break, I'm going to fire off a note to the people at the Journal, because there is an expiration date on every Obama statement. He can say today he doesn't believe in it but then something of an emergency will come up in another day or two, in a week, and force him to change his mind.

So basically, Limbaugh's telling the Journal editors that his Fairness Doctrine column is still pertinent because Obama's a liar.

That, and the way the White House preempted Limbaugh's Fairness Doctrine critique, puts the Journal in a rather awkward position. Are editors there going to print Limbaugh's column--oops, I mean open letter--about why Obama should not reinstate the Fairness Doctrine just days after Obama's White House made clear it has no interest in reinstating the Fairness Doctrine? (What's next, is Rush going to write a column beseeching Obama to drop his idea for a car czar?)

Journal editors, like Republican members of Congress, have to decide how loyal they're going to be to the mighty Rush Limbaugh. Because I can tell you, 99 times out of a 100, if a writer submitted an opinion column that was quickly made irrelevant by breaking news, there's no way Journal editors would still run the column.

It will be interesting to see if the Journal editors are loyal to Rush, or loyal to journalism.

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