WaPo's Ana Marie Cox: "John Kerry would likely take ... Deputy Ball Licker if it was a cabinet level appointment."

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The Washington Post sure is a classy newspaper isn't it?

Burke, Va.: Any scoop on potential HHS candidates?

Tucker Carlson: I've heard John Kerry is under discussion, but I don't believe it. Not enough of a diplomat. The whole point of the job is to ease the passage of the legislation, not to craft it. It's a political position, not a policy one. Look for another former senator, popular with his colleagues.

Ana Marie Cox: John Kerry would likely take Chief Dog Catcher or Deputy Ball Licker if it was a cabinet level appointment. He is the least-rewarded, least diplomatic and most ambitious Obama acolyte in the Senate and thus unlikely to get either. Or HHS.

I bet there are more than a few sighs of relief over at Time magazine today.

UPDATE: The Post has deleted Cox' comments, explaining:

Editor's Note: An offensive response was removed from this transcript following the discussion.

The Post didn't indicate who made the comment, though, so some readers might think Tucker Carlson was the culprit. He wasn't -- this time.

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