"Some say" the AP is a joke

"Some say" the AP is a joke

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Last week we noted this newsroom train wreck, courtesy of the AP. And now we have this one-man, Charles Babington pile-up, AP-style.

From the second sentence [emphasis added]:

Two weeks into his presidency, Barack Obama proved that even a clearly gifted politician cannot escape the gravitational pull of Washington forces that have humbled many of his predecessors. The new president, seen by some as arrogant, was anything but on Tuesday.

Note that nowhere--nowhere--in the lengthy piece does the AP quote anybody, either on the record or off, who claims that Obama is arrogant. The only person who makes that claim is the AP's Charlie Babington, while hiding behind the cowardly "some say" cliche.

Let's just call this what it is. It ain't journalism and it ain't political analysis. It's casual character assassination, courtesy of the AP.

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