Forbes, please define "liberal," cont'd

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Remember last week we made fun of Forbes for putting a whole bunch of obviously non-liberal pundits on its list of most influential liberals in the media today?

Well, this pretty much proves our point about Forbes including WaPo's head war cheerleader Fred Hiatt on that list:

Post Editorial Page Editor Fred Hiatt called [Bill] Kristol "very smart and very plugged in," saying Kristol would be an influential voice in the coming debate over redefining the Republican Party. "It seems to me there were a lot of Times readers who felt the Times shouldn't hire someone who supported the Iraq war," said Hiatt, adding that he wants "a diverse range of opinions" on his page.

Guess one man's diverse range of opinion is another man's dumbing down.

UPDATE: Diverse? Like the WaPo didn't have enough people on its Op-ed page who mindlessly rooted for war in Iraq?

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