The NYT's failed Bill Krisol experiment, cont'd

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

It's over. The bottom of Kristol's Times column today reads:

"This is William Kristol's last column."

Cant' say we didn't warn the Times one year ago. And yes, Kristol's time at the paper was even worse/more embarrassing than we thought it would be.

UPDATE: The Times' garbages becomes the WaPo's treasure? Kristol's heading to the Post. (Although he'll do less damage, appearing just 12 times a year.)

UPDATE: Scoot Horton at the Daily Beast details the Kristol/Times divorce:

A source close to the Times familiar with the decision not to renew Kristol's contract makes clear that his neoconservative ideology and viewpoints were not a problem...The problems that emerged were more fundamental. Kristol's writing wasn't compelling or even very careful. He either lacked a talent for solid opinion journalism or wasn't putting his heart into it. A give-away came in the form of four corrections the newspaper was forced to run over factual mistakes in the columns, creating an impression that they were rushed out without due diligence or attention to factual claims.

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