WaPo, please define "double standard"

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Anne Kornblut in today's paper writes:

With her abrupt exit this week from consideration for the Senate, Caroline Kennedy added her name to a growing list: women who have sought the nation's highest offices only to face insurmountable hurdles. Like Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sarah Palin before her, Kennedy illustrated what some say is an enduring double standard in the handling of ambitious female office-seekers. Even as more women step forward as contenders for premier political jobs, observers say, few seem able to get there.

Um, the fact that a woman has been selected to replace Clinton, herself a woman, would seem to undercut Kornblut's point about "insurmountable hurdles" surrounding the New York senate seat, no?

And just for the record, it's laughable to think that Kornblut, or anybody at the WaPo, is in a position to pontificate about the double standard Hillary Clinton had to endure from the press during her White House run. Since, of course, the Post was among the worst offenders in attacking Clinton in creepy, sexist ways.

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