Chuck Todd's college basketball misinformation

Blog ››› ››› JAMISON FOSER

A little sports misinformation from MSNBC this afternoon, where NBC political director/White House correspondent Chuck Todd falsely besmirched Georgetown University's basketball team, as Georgetown grad Norah O'Donnell cried foul - but didn't correct Todd's glaring falsehood.

Todd: "Just so you know, this is really about going to places that have true basketball power, like a George Mason, that have been to a final four recently. Not like these Georgetowns or Dukes; they don't go to Final Fours any more."

O'Donnell: "We don't need this kind of trash talk, because I am actually a Hoya. Cheap shot."

Cheap, indeed. And false.

George Mason made the Final Four in 2006. Georgetown last made the Final Four in 2007.

Chuck Todd attended George Washington, which is still seeking its first Final Four appearance.

(Not conservative misinformation: just a point of personal privilege.)

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