Let the Clinton Foundation guilt by association begin, cont'd

Let the Clinton Foundation guilt by association begin, cont'd

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We see the New York Post treated the release of the donor list like its own Festivus celebration. Dick Morris thinks the names raise all kinds of headaches for Hillary. (You didn't see that one coming, did you?)

Aside from the Post's signature breathless innuendo, we were struck by the daily's creepy obsession with the fact that millions of the Clinton Foundation money came from donors in the Middle East. The Post just assumed that the revelation was wildly damaging to Clinton. And perhaps its readers know they're supposed to recoil at the news that wealthy Arabs from allied countries gave millions to a foundation that helps poor people around the word, but we thought it was odd.

Just a few Post lowlights:


-"It's time to get Bubba fitted for a burnoose."

-"Desert-dwelling donors"

-"in what could be called the world's biggest sheik shakedown"

-"Clinton finally said "open sesame" to his foundation's books"

And yes, this was language used in a news article. (Of all the newspapers facing bankruptcy, why can't the Post be one of them?)

Meanwhile, we loved this quote about the Clintons from a former Reagan adviser:

"People may say, well, even if they are not sharing the same bed at night, they still may talk to each other and it doesn't look right," [Harvey] Sicherman said.

Stay classy, NY Post.

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