In search of Hillary's Caroline Kennedy critics

In search of Hillary's Caroline Kennedy critics

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Are supporters of Hillary Clinton livid that Caroline Kennedy might be appointed by NY's governor to fill the U.S. senate seat that Clinton is vacating to become SoS? i.e. Is there more Clinton drama??

Both ABC News and NY Daily News recently stated as fact that her supporters were upset. "Very critical," was how ABC's George Stephanopoulos put it. And according to the News:

Clinton weighed in to end speculation she was behind a recent spate of public snarking about Kennedy's abilities as payback for Kennedy's support of Barack Obama over Clinton.

Clinton "called off the dogs" who were attacking Kennedy, reported the News.

But if Clinton's supporters are so upset, and reportedly so numerous, than why didn't ABC or the Daily News quote, or reference, even a single one? That seems more like gossip and less like journalism to us.

UPDATE: With New York TV reporter Marcia Kramer, three makes a trend:

Meanwhile, Kennedy will probalby have an easier time winning the nomination now that Clinton has ordered her supporters to stop attacking her.

Like ABC and NY Daily News, Kramer offers no examples of Clinton supporters "attacking" Kennedy.

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