The media's new meme: Obama is too boring

The media's new meme: Obama is too boring

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Because after all, these are such dull times. I mean, with the economy careening to new, historic depths and millions of Americans struggling to remain employed and in their homes, it's no surprise the Beltway press laments how there's not enough drama--enough entertainment--in the air.

Let's double dip into Dana Milbank's dreadful work in the Post today, as he mocks Obama's boring presser on Tuesday [emphasis added]:

Next up in Obama's insomnia treatment was an acceptance speech by the previously unknown nominee, followed by the president-elect's own blend of convoluted and passive answers to questions...The whole thing might have ended in snores if [Chicago Tribune reporter John] McCormick hadn't piped up about Blagojevich.

For Milbank and his colleagues, the only interesting part came when somebody asked about Blago. (Finally!)

Gene Lyons also noticed Milbank playing the bored care:

My personal favorite, however, had to be the Post's ubiquitous TV talking head Dana Milbank. Reacting on CNN to the disappointing news that Fitzgerald has asked Obama to delay releasing a list of staffers who'd discussed the coveted Senate seat, Milbank complained that the president-elect was trying to bore Americans to death by appointing obscure nobodies to posts like secretary of energy.

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