What is Nancy Gibbs talking about?

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The Time mag writer seems to be reading way too much into the Obamas' decision to send their daughters to the Sidwell Friends school in Washington, D.C. Gibbs claims it revolves around the school's Quaker background and then quickly gets bogged down in Quaker dogma:

Unlike many Quaker schools, Sidwell is not attached to a particular Friends meeting, but many of its trustees are Quakers and the emphasis on open-minded pursuit of excellence and understanding is enforced by weekly Meetings for Worship.

The headline also suggests Time, which received no insight from the Obamas about this choice, can read minds: "Why Sasha and Malia Will Go to Sidewell Friends".

In truth, Time has no idea why the Obamas chose Sidwell Friends. And the magazine ought to probably just say so.

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