Why can't the press quit the Clintons, cont'd

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We understand that Hillary Clinton is back in the news with her name being raised as a possible Secretary of State in the new Obama administration. And of course that's news. But we still can't get past how the press clings to its beloved narrative about how any interaction between Obama and Clinton is now part of an on-going "soap opera," and that she's forever inserting herself into the process.

That's the angle ABC's The Note takes today:

So much for no drama.

Surely a certain soon-to-be-ex-senator knows this by now, but here's the thing about Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton: She tends to steal the scenes she's playing in.

Until the subject of her "private business" Thursday in Chicago is resolved -- and maybe until and even beyond the press conference announcing the new secretary who's headed to Foggy Bottom -- it will be 3 am in the transition process.

Note that the 3 am reference suggests that the possibility of Clinton becoming Secretary of State represents some sort of crisis for the new White House. And of course, the reference to scene stealing is meant to imply that Clinton is a diva.

Will Clinton become Secretary of State? We have no idea. Would she be qualified? Most people would likely say yes. Is there any evidence that by reportedly reaching out to her for the post the Obama campaign has created "drama" or a crisis? Of course not.

What is clear is that Obama and Clinton are conducting themselves as adults trying to help lead the country, while the portions of the press corps (sadly, it's the so-called 'elite' portions) continue to behave like juveniles.

UPDATE: Steve Benen writes:

I mean, really. Clinton "tends to steal the scenes"? Her discussion with Obama represents a "potential stumbling block"? The non-existent feud "never gets old"? I'd hoped we were past this.

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