Tell us again why Palin avoided the press?

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Because from what we can see, journalists, especially the TV ones, are in love with the woman. And we assume the crush will last for many years to come.

Her post-election chats have been, for a journalism perspective, pretty dismal. But we don't really think journalism was the point of Matt Lauer hanging out in Palin's Wasilla kitchen. Palin is now a celebrity and the press is very happy about that. (Not more tedious discussions about energy dependence.)

As David Zurawik, the Baltimore Sun's television critic, told the WaPo:

"I was really disappointed in Matt Lauer," he says. "I thought he was so accommodating and letting her get away with stuff without following up." Zurawik calls the Van Susteren interview "beyond friendly," saying: "Greta Van Susteren is totally sympathetic to her and makes no secret about it."

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