NYT hearts Byron York

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Specifically, NYT editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal recently told students at Columbia's School of Journalism that one of the journalists he admires is the National Review's Byron York. And yes, York is on the starting lineup of conservative's there's-a-liberal-media-bias team.

The other journalist Rosenthal praised was The Atlantic's conservative-leaning economics writer Megan McArdle who earlier this year wrote:

Will the economy decline in 2008?

Paul Krugman is voting for doom. It's worth keeping in mind, however, that Paul Krugman has predicted eight of the last none recessions under the Bush administration.

I think it's obvious we're in a slowdown, and a recession seems likely-ish, but Britain's skirted recession for over a decade now, so I can't be too fatalistic.

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