The NYT and Fox News patch things up?

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

You'll recall FNC lashed out this summer when the Times published an article about how the cabler's ratings were soft during the campaign season. Fox News lashed out by airing doctored photo's of the Times reporters and editors who worked on the ratings story.

Then the newspaper's media columnist, David Carr, wrote about how industry reporters who write anything negative about Fox News are regularly attacked by its flacks.

Well, all seems to be forgiving as the Times today returns with another state-of-Fox-News article and compares the channel's lineup of anchors to the Yankees' Murderer's Row: they're all home run hitters!

Actually, the only new person in the Fox News lineup next year will be Glenn Beck, who's been firmly holding down last place at CNN Headlines News for years now, so we're not sure what great new all-star team the Times is talking about. But at least it's unlikely that Fox News will release the hounds on the newspaper this week.

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