WSJ wins Worst Headline of The Day

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With "Surveys Split on Who Has Lead in Presidential Race" (And yes, Drudge is hyping it.)

Really, the surveys are "split"? Some polls today show Barack Obama ahead and others give John McCain the advantage?

Actually, the article itself acknowledges "To be sure, Sen. Obama leads in every national poll, and the Electoral College map appears to favor the Illinois senator."

So where does the split come in?

The Journal piece does seem quite anxious want to jump onto the McCain 'comeback' bandwagon alerting readers "the presidential race is still close, and the Republican has even gained ground in recent days."

Question: Is the Journal trying to convince voters, or is it trying to to convince itself?

UPDATE: Well, that didnt' take long. the WSJ headline has been changed. Online, it now reads "Some Surveys Indicate Tighter Presidential Race"

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