Politico and the coming Election Day "meltdown"

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

The headline reads, "Experts warn of Nov. 4 voting meltdowns," and the article is about all the new voters being put on the rolls and whether states, especially Ohio and Florida will be able to handle the stress on Election Day.

But it turns out the only ones warning about a "meltdown" are editors at Politico. Because none of the experts quoted in the story use that kind of doomsday language.

Instead, most sound like Kimball Brace, from Election Data Services, which advises local government on election administration. Brace told Politico, "There's still reason to be concerned in terms of what's going to take place in November."

That's a long way from "meltdown" talk. This seems to be a case of editors pushing a provocative theme that reporters haven't quite nailed down.

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