Newsweek still (pretty much) oblivious to Wall Street meltdown

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Last week, I noted that just the credit crisis was consuming Wall Street and turning it into arguably the biggest news story of the entire year, Newsweek arrived at my doorstep on September 15.

I counted up the pages the mag devoted to the Wall Street disaster (1) that week, and compared that to the number of pages Newsweek devoted to the White House campaign (16) and noted that the disparity highlighted how invested, professionally, journalists were in campaign story and how reluctant they were to pivot away from it even momentarily. (It was fun to cover!)

Believe or not, two weeks later the disconnect is just as bad at Newsweek. Despite the rolling, unprecedented bank bailouts and the fact that news consumer now, in numbers rarely seen by pollsters, almost universally proclaim the state of the economy to be the biggest story of the day and the one they are (nervously) following most closely each week, Newsweek's latest edition can't really be bothered.

Pages devoted in the latest Newsweek to the Wall Street fiasco: 4.

Pages devoted to the latest Newsweek to the White House campaign: 22.

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