Is this what a National Review Online correction looks like?

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Late last week NRO's Greg Pollowitz mocked the press for not making a bigger ruckus when the AP reported that reporters had been banned from a photo op between Joe Biden and Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili in Milwaukee.

According to Pollowitz, that was exactly like the GOP's Sarah Palin not allowing reporters to ask questions when she recently sat down with world leaders at the United Nations. Exactly. And look at what a big deal the press made about that!

At the time, County Fair suggested Pollowitz needed to post an update because the AP report was flat-out false; reporters had been allowed into the Biden session.

In response, Pollowtiz, instead of updating his off-the-mark post, added a new item at his NRO media blog. It consisted of a single sentence--"Looks like Biden did have press in the room with him when he met the Georgian President"--and then he cut-and-pasted sections from the updated AP story, which acknowledged the error in the Biden article.

What Pollowitz failed to do was to note that had used the bad info to claim the press had a double standard in terms covering Biden and Palin.

Hey, if the AP could `fess up to its blunder, why couldn't NRO?

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