Chris Matthews, sunglasses-wearing elite?

Chris Matthews, sunglasses-wearing elite?

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Here's MSNBC's Chris Matthews, moments ago, suggesting Barack Obama is "elite" in part because Obama was wearing sunglasses:

Can Barack Obama, a man of elite education if not elite background, break into the middle class and talk regular? Can he talk to regular people in their kitchens tonight, in their living rooms?


Everybody thinks Barack is too cool. In other words, there he is with the shades, getting on the plane. A little bit too elegant, a little bit too proud of his own bearing. Is that a problem, that he's just too cool for words. In other words, elite.

And here's MSNBC's Chris Matthews, sitting beside the pool outside his Nantucket vacation home, wearing sunglasses:

Chris Matthews Nantucket Pool Sunglasses

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