More questions for the AP's Tom Raum

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Last week, AP reporter Tom Raum claimed "many liberals" are "belittling" Palin by saying that as a mother of five, she lacks the "time" to be vice president -- but Raum didn't bother to name a single such liberal. So Atrios suggested readers contact Raum and ask him to do so.

Today, Glenn Greenwald explains that one blogger got a response from Raum consisting of 19 quotes -- not one of which was an example of a liberal belitting Palin by saying that as a mother of five she lacks the time to be vice president. Not a single one.

You can see Raum's list here. It raises an obvious question: Did Raum compile the list himself? Did someone else at the AP compile it? Or was it compiled by Republican operatives? If it was compiled by Republicans, why is Tom Raum simply cutting and pasting from GOP opposition research in support of his articles?

Greenwald has invited Raum to appear with him on Salon Radio to discuss Raum's article. If Raum appears, maybe he'll explain where he got that list.

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