The AP mangles Obama's tax plan

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

This wire service article, with the headline "Obama: Recession could delay rescinding tax cuts," is a mess. Here's the opening:

"Democrat Barack Obama says he would delay rescinding President Bush's tax cuts on wealthy Americans if he becomes the next president and the economy is in a recession, suggesting such an increase would further hurt the economy.

According to the AP, Obama's having second thoughts about GOP tax cuts for the rich. In the article, the AP points to an exchange Obama had Sunday on ABC where he was asked about middle class tax cuts:

""Even if we're still in a recession, I'm going to go through with my tax cuts," Obama said. "That's my priority.""

Hmm, Obama clearly stated he won't delay middle class tax cuts, which runs counter to the headline. What about tax cuts for the rich, is Obama re-thinking those? The AP again quotes Obama from ABC, but the premise there is, "What about increasing taxes on the wealthy?" [Emphasis added.]

Obama's response: "I think we've got to take a look and see where the economy is. I mean, the economy is weak right now."

The problem is that the headline tells readers Obama might have changed his mind about rescinding tax cuts. But in the article Obama specifically states he won't delay tax cuts for the middle class, and then says he's only thinking about delaying raising taxes on the wealthy.

Or has the AP adopted the spin that rescinding a tax cut is the same as raising taxes?

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