Fox's Mark Levin: George W. Bush “defeated Iraq in about 43 minutes. We can do the same with Iran”

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Citation From the January 7, 2020 of BlazeTV's LevinTV

MARK LEVIN: Trump's not Obama and he's not Bush. He's not an appeaser or worse, and he's not an interventionist who wants to create states and create Jeffersonian democracy. He doesn't want to build up states. He wants to defend Americans' national security interests and defend Americans. That's why he attacked Soleimani after they attacked our embassy. He's been warning them and warning them and warning them. He did exactly what he needs to do. And in his statement a day later, he specifically said I'm not seeking war, I'm seeking peace. And he's moved additional troops into the area, additional bombers into the area, F-35s into the area, more of them, not because he wants war but because if they hit us he wants to hit them back. That's not war necessarily. 

The Iranians have been at war with us for over four decades. But if we wanted to go to war we know how to go to war. George W. Bush showed us. He sent 400,000 troops in and he defeated Iraq in about 43 minutes. We can do the same with Iran. Maybe it would take 54 minutes.