BlazeTV host Steve Deace: Donald Trump “helped them poison all of us” with vaccines, but “I'll vote for him if he is the nominee”

Deace: “I'm the one actually willing to practice self-awareness”

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Citation From the August 4, 2023, edition of BlazeTV's The Steve Deace Show

STEVE DEACE (HOST): I haven't made a single phone call in Iowa for Ron DeSantis. There's lots of people in Iowa I could call for Ron DeSantis. I haven't made one call yet. I am taking a measured approach. But the time of my measuring is coming to an end, actually.

I mean, the fact that I -- the fact that I still keep saying that there's only two candidates in this race I will even vote for in a general, Trump and DeSantis, and one of them is the guy that helped them poison all of us, and is unrepentant about it. I mean, help me understand why that doesn't bother you more than my perceived solution to that dilemma.


I'm the one telling you up front, I'll vote for him if he is the nominee. I'm the one actually willing to practice self-awareness. I was the one willing to admit when I was wrong about him before. I'm actually the one in this relationship -- between this show and Donald Trump, I'm actually the one with the measured approach.