BlazeTV host describes Donald Trump as leading a MAGA “cult”

Steve Deace to Allie Beth Stuckey: “The suffering of actual Trump supporters doesn’t matter, only the suffering of Mr. Trump.”

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Citation From the April 5, 2023, edition of The Blaze's Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey, streamed on YouTube

ALLIE BETH STUCKEY (HOST): I’ve seen all of these, you know, Donald Trump supporters – and that’s not to say that I’m not a supporter in my own way – but you know, the ride-or-die MAGA people saying, wow, you know it’s actually because the opponent in Wisconsin, Dan Kelly, wasn’t MAGA enough, he didn’t kiss the ring of Trump enough. It’s because he wasn’t Trumpian enough, and that’s why this radical, Soros-backed woman, won. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

STEVE DEACE (GUEST): It doesn’t make any sense.

STUCKEY: It’s like they’re living in an alternate reality and I said this, and I knew I would get some pushback on it on YouTube and then on Twitter yesterday, but just in talking to my audience, and the demographic that I represent, so say, Christian Republican voting women, ages 25 to 45, when I’m talking to them, which is a lot, about what do you care about, what do you want me to talk about, what are you worried about, what are you concerned about, just to be honest – and i’m not saying this is right or wrong – it’s not Trump. It’s actually not Trump’s indictment, and that’s not to say it’s not a big deal, but they’re still just worried about the things that affect their kids, that affect them, this culture war stuff.

The left understands that about their people, that’s why they’re constantly waging the culture war, the moral war, the sexual war, they’re not worried about that at all, they’re out there winning elections, like you said, that champion their culture war issues. Whereas the right, I mean, I think a lot of times they feel like the people in power, like they don’t really have a champion, they don’t have anyone that is truly connected to their concerns, and Trump being indicted, it doesn’t move the needle in the direction of voting for him in the next election. It really doesn’t, because they’re looking for a champion. They might have liked him, but look, he’s still old, he now has a personal axe to grind, that’s not necessarily what they’re looking for in a president. They’re still looking for a culture warrior, which you can find elsewhere.

DEACE: The idea that I’m gonna watch them groom my kids and that’s not going to move me to vote, but what’s likely an unjust persecution of a billionaire who – for paying hush money to a porn star that I already didn’t like, that’s the one – now, now, now, now, now it comes home to me. I mean, I was pushing back on that narrative right away, and if we can speak on about this theologically for a second, I think what you’re watching, and this is the best we can do without God, this is the best we can do, America is no longer Republicans and Democrats, politically. It has broken down into a very – it’s almost, it’s very Roman — into a battle of dueling, D-U-E-L, dueling political cults, and they’re both Roman in nature. The first one is the Nero cult, the spirit of the age is what I call it on my show, or what our colleague Auron MacIntyre refers to it as the total state, the state is God, the state has replaced the church, government is God, government is in whom we live and breathe, I will comply with government edicts, that – and historically, that is always the most dangerous cult, whenever the state is weaponized to God-like status. More people die from that than anything else. Alright that, and so that is, that’s the by far historically and imminently, the preeminent threat we face.

But we are trying to fight it with another Roman cult, the hero cult. And Trump taps into this when he says things like, I alone can solve – if this happens to me, it destroys the country.” I mean, listen, I thought that – I think what’s going on in New York is a complete and total sham.


DEACE: It’s funny though, I still drove from my hotel over here this morning and people still went to work. It wasn’t – people – life goes on. You know what I’m saying?


DEACE: My family’s still pissed off that they’re delayed at the airport. They weren’t like, you know what, we don’t have time to focus on the fact our airport’s late, Donald Trump got indicted. I mean, it’s just – but, we need that hero, okay? And so, this – Trump is Julius Caesar. He’s the only one that can beat back the invaders, give him the keys to the city, alright? Here’s the problem, Caesar never gave back the keys to the city. OK? And so that’s essentially what’s going on, is that you have the spirit of the age cult, and then you have the hero cult.

And so, for the last few years, there’s a lot of conservative media, I mean I did – I interviewed a January 6er from federal penitentiary just a few months ago, and that’s finally what got me on the radar of the NewsGuards and those kinds of people trying to get me cancelled was daring to step on that shibboleth, okay? But, for the last few years, those – the actual Trump supporters don’t matter, they were left behind to rot for the last few years in those jail cells, and barely got talked about, barely got spoken about, they don’t matter, okay? The suffering of actual Trump supporters – ten thousand small and family businesses, Allie, were permanently erased by the lockdowns he initiated. The suffering of actual Trump supporters doesn’t matter, only the suffering of Mr. Trump. That is a Caesarean cult.

STUCKEY: I know.

DEACE: And that’s not populism. That’s not where he is a vessel for you, that is where you are a vessel for him.