BlazeTV cohost Todd Erzen: Besides “the racial shit,” Tim Scott is “the poster child for kind of, like, Republican meh”

Erzen: “He has to answer for that. How are you not that?”

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Citation From the July 13, 2023, edition of BlazeTV's The Steve Deace Show

STEVE DEACE (HOST): Let's talk about Tim Scott. South Carolina senator got off to -- a lot of people thought he got off to a strong start. Our friend Bob Vander Plaats loved his message. I thought it was a very good opening message, right? If you don't work, you shouldn't eat. Only men should be in women -- but it did seem like, kind of, the K-Pop greatest hits. You know what I'm saying?


You know the tune, but you also know that it's not all that memorable.

But, you know, he is the only Black candidate. Iowa conservatives are not different from other conservatives in that they hate being unfairly called racists. And I could see them absolutely giving him a long look just because he's Black and it would make them feel good to support somebody Black because, apparently, that's a hedge against being called racist or something. Although, I've seen yet no evidence of that. Thoughts?

TODD ERZEN (CO-HOST): Here -- the Black thing aside, here's what I'm very interested -- specifically to hear somebody like him answer. Because I remember how he went on The View and had that answer, and he specifically sought that out and wanted to talk about that. I'd like to have him asked point blank, Donald Trump -- isn't Donald Trump -- didn't he become president, and isn't he still in the mix exactly because people lost faith -- and this is relevant because he's still in the Senate, but -- people like you? They just don't think that the way you sell messages is either effective or you don't even believe in the message you say you believe in. I -- aren't -- isn't Donald Trump's victory -- it's an explicit rejection of anybody on this stage that's here, it's mostly somebody like you. Nothing to do with Black, but they just -- the average -- what's his Liberty score? I mean, isn't he basically --

DEACE: He's like 75.

ERZEN: Isn't he the poster -- beside being the racial shit, isn't he the poster child for kind of, like, Republican meh?

DEACE: Yeah.

ERZEN: So, he has to answer for that. How are you not that?

DEACE: He did genuflect hard on the summer of Floyd a couple years ago, that we gotta make sure the cops aren't as racist as they appear to be. He did do that.