Tucker Carlson lashes out at Mitt Romney for marching with Black Lives Matter

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Citation From the June 8, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): It's hard to overstate how vicious the crackdown on free speech and free thought has been in the last few days. Here's the new rule, and it defines everything: You are not allowed to question Black Lives Matter in any way.


In an environment like this, we've never lived in an environment like this, but you can imagine. In an environment like this, most people get the message very fast. And the weak ones are quick to join in, just like the good little red guards they've always been underneath it all. Here is Mitt Romney on the march.


Mitt just wants to make sure that Americans understand, get it through their thick heads, that Black lives matter. As if Americans didn't know that.

But accusing your entire country of racism turns out to be a pretty small price for someone like Mitt Romney. What Romney's really worried about, what all the finance moguls funding this movement are worried about, is that someone somewhere will ask the obvious questions. How much have you, Mitt Romney, personally made, how rich have you become by sending jobs overseas -- working-class jobs -- by charging obscene interest rates, and by otherwise harming poor and Black communities economically?

All the basic crimes are economic. Mitt Romney doesn't want to talk about that at all, so he marches. And Black Lives Matter couldn't be happier about it. The complicity of people like Mitt Romney gives groups like Black Lives Matter strength. Black Lives Matter is becoming more powerful by the hour and they know it.