Tucker Carlson calls for the government to take “decisive action” against “terror organization” Black Lives Matter

Carlson: “Maybe the U.S. government can take decisive action and by doing that make it really clear this is a terror organization”

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Citation From the July 8, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight 

BERNIE KERIK: [Susan Rosenberg] was a radical revolutionary, and she was let out of prison. She was commuted on the last day of President Clinton's term in office. After 16 years of prison, she was given 58 years in prison. And now she's out. Who does she work for? Black Lives Matter. I think, I think we are missing something here. I think DOJ should be looking at Black Lives Matter as a terrorist group, as a terrorist organization. And I think, I find it astounding that all of these U.S. firms, some 200 that you have chronicled on your show, they are just pounding money into a group that's all about the overthrow of this government. And if you can't see it on its face by what they do normally on a daily basis, then you need to start looking at their associates, their inspirers, and the people around them because this stuff has been going on since 1960, '70, and the early '80s, when these people, these revolutionaries, Marxist revolutionaries wanted to overthrow this country.

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): It's just amazing that all the rich ladies in Aspen and Greenwich think BLM is about ending racism -- which obviously all of us are for -- when in fact it's a revolutionary group. Maybe the U.S. government can take decisive action, and by doing that make it really clear that this is a terror organization.