Rush Limbaugh: Millennial white women are becoming “your average ne’er-do-well in the ‘hood”

Limbaugh: “Now, I believe that 65% of Millennial white women might support” Black Lives Matter. “But I don’t believe 65% of the American people do.”

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Citation From the July 29, 2020, edition of Premiere Networks’ The Rush Limbaugh Show

CALLER: I’m a taxi driver in St. Louis, and I’m very familiar with when lawn signs go up. I’m a hundred percent convinced that that 65% poll —

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Wait, wait, wait, hold on. You’re very familiar when what goes up?

CALLER: Lawn signs. People put signs on the front of their houses.

LIMBAUGH: Oh, lawn signs. OK.

CALLER: Lawn signs. That 65% poll for Black Lives Matter, in my opinion, 100% reflects the outrage over the killing of George Floyd. It does not reflect support for the full Black Lives Matter. Somehow, the poll was able to capture that in the way it was worded, or the way they led people, or however it was communicated. That’s what they tapped into. Half the Black Lives Matter signs out there came up right after George Floyd was killed. If they had another way to express it, they would have —

LIMBAUGH: Wait a minute. Hold it, sir. Are you telling me that as you — as you work —


LIMBAUGH: — your average day driving around in St. Louis, you see Black Lives Matter signs, like you would see a Trump sign or a Biden sign in people's front yards?

CALLER: Absolutely, lots of them. Yeah, sure.

LIMBAUGH: But the pollsters obviously are doing this purposely. Because I’m telling you, folks, I think this is another attempt by Gallup and whoever the pollsters are, to shape public opinion and not reflect it. Because I refuse to believe — I refuse to believe — that 65% of the American people support this insanity.

Now, I believe that 65% of Millennial white women might support it. But I don’t believe 65% of the American people do. I know that this protest is largely driven by Millennial, college-educated white women.

You know, more and more women — I’ll show you what I mean in the next hour. But more and more young women in this country are becoming nothing more than hoods. Your average ne’er-do-well in the 'hood — white women. And I can explain it, too, why they’re so confused — the competing things they have been taught.