Once Again, A Birther Takes The Stage At CPAC

A little while ago at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Laurie Roth, a radio host of sorts, stepped up to the dais to sputter incoherently for a few minutes about how President Obama is “President of Islam,” and then introduce the woman who introduced Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY).

Interesting stuff. What's even more interesting is that Roth is a birther.

She spoke at last year's CPAC as well, and I noted at the time that she has berated “the media” for “completely avoiding the issue of where Obama was born and if he complied with our constitutional requirements about being born in the U.S.”

Well, she hasn't kicked the birther obsession since then. Just a couple of weeks ago she wrote an article for her website with the headline: “Where are the birth records for Obama? It is time get [sic] to the bottom line.” Here's the money quote: “Our constitution says you cannot be President if you are not natural born in the United States. It appears as if Obama is not natural born.”

So yeah, a birther on stage at CPAC. For two years running.

As I said, interesting stuff.