A Birther takes the stage at CPAC

It had to happen sooner or later. After a panel on women in the conservative movement we were introduced to radio host Laurie Roth, who offered the following well-considered and rational thoughts on President Obama's record on terrorism:

That's good stuff.

Anyway, a quick Google search for Roth brought up a link to an article posted on the website of Roth's radio show -- appropriately called The Roth Show -- titled “The International squeeze against all our freedoms.” Presumably written by Roth, it starts out:

Already we see evidence in this administration of media tampering, intimidating and even threatening if certain subjects are covered such as the President's eligibility which millions of Americans want to know about. Is it not a fair question to ask....why has this President spent over 1.5 million dollars to hide every one of his records, passport, birth certificate, all college and school records? Gee, inquiring American minds want to know. Wouldn't you be proud of your school records? Why hide them?

The article linked to a website called “ObamaCrimes,” a birther haven purporting to offer all manner of news “concerning the eligibility of President B.H. Soetoro/Obama.”

Some more assiduous Googling turned up another Roth Show article, this one titled “Threats, birthers and Obama. Has the media been muzzled or sold out?” In the piece Roth observed:

For some time we have seen the media big dogs completely avoiding the issue of where Obama was born and if he complied with our constitutional requirements about being born in the U.S. Bill O'Reilly has poo poohed [sic] it for some time on his national show, while others pretend it isn't there or worse.

Recently, even Glenn Beck on his show, while visiting with Michelle Malkin mentioned talking mostly about czars, “I have to tell you, the - I mean, first of all, the birther thing, what are you going to do. Even if it was true, what, are you going to take him out of office? You can't do that.”

She also wrote that she would have some “HUGE, documented breaking news” about Obama's birth certificate on August 8, 2009. I didn't bother to check out what that “HUGE, documented breaking news” was because, frankly, it doesn't matter.

What's amazing is that with Birchers and Birthers giving speeches and throwing in sponsorship dollars, there are conservatives out there who still have the gall to dispute the idea the CPAC is a “venue for the right fringe.”