Watch CNN's Bakari Sellers Slam Bill O'Reilly's Lack Of “Dignity And Decency” In Slavery Comments

Sellers: “He Was Speaking In A Way That Was Disrespectful To The Legacy Of Many People Who Came To This Country In Shackles” 

From the July 27 edition of CNN America's Choice 2016: Democratic National Convention

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BAKARI SELLERS: It's easy to just label this as being ignorant. It's easy to label this as being below what most journalists hold to be the bar. But I think it's deeper than that. I think it's the fact that many times African Americans in this country don't get their life valued. There is a question about human decency. There is a question about human dignity. And in that clip, Bill O'Reilly didn't display any of that. I think any -- it's not an appearance to defend slavery. What he did was say that slaves were well-fed which is beyond the pale. And it's not as if he gave the appearance of anything. He was speaking in a way that was disrespectful to the legacy of many people who came to this country in shackles and actually were tormented, were died, were beaten. And if they had any other choice, no, Mr. O'Reilly, they wouldn't be there building the White House. They would be living free. And I think that the fact that he can't understand that, that he can't wrap his head around those words of dignity and decency, I really have no use for him at all. 


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