O'Reilly: “There isn't one conservative commentator on CNN”; Robert Novak disagrees

In an effort to contrast coverage on other cable news channels with what he claims is Fox News' “fair and balanced approach,” host Bill O'Reilly claimed that “there isn't one conservative commentator on CNN. Not one.” Asked by co-host E.D. Hill if “maybe we just don't know they're conservative,” O'Reilly replied, “No, there isn't any.”

In fact, Robert Novak, whose tagline on Crossfire is: “From the right, I'm Robert Novak,” is among CNN's most frequently used commentators. Novak also regularly offers his opinions on other CNN programs, including The Capital Gang, The Novak Zone, and Inside Politics. Media Matters for America has documented numerous instances of Novak's conservative misinformation.

Other conservatives have also appeared regularly on CNN, including:

  • Radio host Joe Watkins, who has appeared as a Crossfire guest host 11 times since December 2004.
  • Baptist pastor and Moral Majority founder the Rev. Jerry Falwell, who has appeared as a Crossfire guest host four times since October 2004.
  • National Review Washington editor Kate O'Beirne, a regular panelist on The Capital Gang.

From the March 8 broadcast of Westwood One's The Radio Factor:

O'REILLY: So, while the commentator [on Fox News] may be conservative -- but certainly, you have liberal commentators as well, the guest list is even. It's not even on CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC.

HILL: Well, they should be trying to present all the views and then let the people -- you know lay it all out there.

You may have one view and you can state that. But, then you gotta make sure that the other point of view is represented as well.

O'REILLY: All right, there isn't one conservative commentator on CNN. Not one. Can you think of any?

HILL: Where's that Tucker [Carlson] guy?

O'REILLY: No, he was fired.

HILL: Oh, was he?

O'REILLY: There's not one!

HILL: I don't know, maybe we just don't know they're conservative.

O'REILLY: No, there isn't any.