O'Reilly Slams Ben Carson's “Dumb Statements”

O'Reilly: Carson And Other Candidates “Should Understand That ... Any Foolish Statement They Make Will Become A Headline”

From the November 6 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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BILL O'REILLY: Scrutinizing Ben Carson, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. Dr. Carson having some trouble. Today his campaign admitted that a story he told about being offered an appointment to West Point is not true. Also CNN reporting Dr. Carson's biography, where he describes himself as an angry boy who was close to committing violent acts, may be suspect as well. Network trying to corroborate Carson's story that at age 14, he tried to stab a boy related to him. 


Now, Dr. Carson is smart to hit the controversy head on. When I was attacked earlier this year I did the same thing. Let the folks see and hear your side ,and then they will make their determination. Talking points has no idea about Ben Carson's childhood. But, as a presidential candidate, it is proper for the press to vet what he has put out there. And now that the West Point thing has been established as false, the doctor is on the defensive. Add to that some dumb statements Ben Carson has made. Back in 1998 he said this about the Egyptian pyramids. 


Now, Dr. Carson was speaking at a school associated with his religion, Seventh Day Adventists, a fundamental Christian church. The doctor is obviously no historian. The pyramids were built in honor of the dead Egyptian royalty, period. Carson and all the other political candidates should understand that any, any foolish statement they make will become a headline. Especially if they are Republican. And there is no statute of limitations on that. Whatever demeaning stuff the media can dig up, it will use. However, all the candidates do have an obligation to speak the truth. Period. Again.


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