O'Reilly Returns To Demonizing Slain Abortion Clinic Doctor George Tiller

Bill O'Reilly has a history of demonizing the late Dr. George Tiller, a Kansas doctor who provided abortions at his Women's Health Care Services clinic. O'Reilly repeatedly referred to Tiller as "Tiller, the baby killer" and even once said: "[I]f I could get my hands on Tiller -- well, you know. Can't be vigilantes. Can't do that. It's just a figure of speech."

After Tiller was gunned down by anti-abortion zealot Scott Roeder, O'Reilly tried to whitewash his attacks on Tiller.

But on today's edition of his Fox News show, he was back to demonizing Tiller.

O'Reilly began the segment by saying:

O'REILLY: Maybe you remember the controversy over late-term abortion doctor George Tiller in Kansas. He was murdered in a Lutheran church by Scott Roeder who has been sentenced to life in prison. The liberal media was rightfully outraged that Tiller was gunned down. No American should ever, ever be the target of violence. But what Tiller did in his late term abortion practice remains a legal issue.

And it didn't get any better from there. O'Reilly hyped an investigation into Tiller's associate Dr. Ann Kristin Neuhaus that stems from complaints filed by the anti-abortion extremist group Operation Rescue. He said “I think [Neuhaus'] license is going to be revoked” based on the assistance she provided to Tiller.

And O'Reilly didn't focus exclusively on Neuhaus: He attacked Tiller directly as well:

O'REILLY: This is what I said all along about Tiller's practice. If you walked in there with the $5,000 needed to abort the late-term baby, he was going to find a way to do the abortion.

That's perilously close to referring to “Tiller the baby killer” like O'Reilly used to do before Tiller was slain. O'Reilly should be ashamed.