O'Reilly Lashes Out At George Will Again Over Killing Reagan, Claiming Will Is “Jealous” Of His Book Sales

O'Reilly: “Your Last Book Was A Huge Bomb, George ... Only 28,000 Copies Sold. I Might Be Jealous, Too, With That Kind Of Resume”

From the November 10 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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BILL O'REILLY: Now to mail. Ron Poitinger, The Villages, Florida. “Bill, you went too far with George Will. You should let the facts speak for themselves and write a rebuttal in the Washington Post.” Funny you should mention that. The Washington Post will not print the rebuttal written by me and Martin Dugard. Ron, they won't print it. Even though the newspaper has run two op-eds  and possibly will run a third, attacking Killing Reagan. They won't let us reply. Disgraceful. On the hard news side, The Washington Post is good. On the editorial side, run by a man name Fred Hiatt, the paper is unfair, unbalanced, and unworthy. Now, we have posted that column, that we wrote, that they won't print on Killing Reagan on billoreilly.com. And the column will answer all your questions. As for Mr. Will himself, he's written yet another dishonest hit piece on me. It's so fallacious, I don't even think the man has read the book. But you know what, George? I'm bored with it, I'm bored with it. So this is my last reply to you. Everything in Killing Reagan is true. Everything is documented. You, George, are jealous. You're jealous of our success on television and in publishing. Your last book was a huge bomb, George. A catastrophe in the sales department. Only 28,000 copies sold. I might be jealous, too, with that kind of resume. So I really don't blame you. But your elitist tone has never really been welcomed here in The Factor, as you know. And we believe that is a factor in your current jihad against us. As far as we're concerned George, where there's a Will, there's no way. End of story.


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