O'Reilly Deceptively Cites Report In Defense Of Argentina Claims

A former New York Times editor is accusing Bill O'Reilly of misrepresenting his reporting to defend himself.

Under fire for allegedly exaggerating his experiences covering the 1982 Falklands War, Bill O'Reilly cited a New York Times article to supposedly corroborate his version of events. But the author of that article points out that O'Reilly “cut out an important phrase” in his retelling.

In his book The No Spin Zone, O'Reilly characterized a protest in Argentina as “a major riot” where “many were killed.” He went on to describe it as “major violence up close and personal, and it was an important international story.”

Following a Mother Jones report that called into question O'Reilly's claims about his Falklands War reporting, several of O'Reilly's former CBS News colleagues have also cast doubt on his version of events.

O'Reilly attempted to defend himself by reading from a New York Times report of the protest during an interview on the February 22 edition of Fox News' MediaBuzz. At one point O'Reilly quoted from the story, saying, “One policeman pulled a pistol, firing five shots.”

But as the author of the story, Rich Meislin, pointed out on Facebook, O'Reilly omitted the end of the sentence from the original Times report during his retelling on Fox News, which reads, “One policeman pulled a pistol, firing five shots over the heads of fleeing demonstrators.”(Emphasis added)

As Meislin notes, “As far as I know, no demonstrators were shot or killed by police in Buenos Aires that night. What I saw on the streets that night was a demonstration -- passionate, chaotic and memorable -- but it would be hard to confuse it with being in a war zone.”

On several occasions O'Reilly has characterized his stint in Argentina as reporting from a combat zone.