O'Reilly And Lila Rose Team Up To Spread More Lies About Planned Parenthood

Discredited anti-choice activist Lila Rose went on The O'Reilly Factor to push her latest hoax video attacking Planned Parenthood. Rose and host Bill O'Reilly want people to think that, in the words of Rose's group, Planned Parenthood is complicit in “widespread sex-selection by means of abortion.” In fact, Planned Parenthood has stated that it “finds the concept of sex selection deeply unsettling” and the organization “does not offer sex determination services; our ultrasound services are limited to medical purposes.”

Furthermore, Huffington Post reported that Planned Parenthood “condemns seeking abortions on the basis of gender, but its policy is to provide 'high quality, confidential, nonjudgmental care to all who come into' its health centers.”

O'Reilly and Rose mentioned none of this. Instead, they aired footage from Rose's hoax video of a person walking into a Planned Parenthood office and pretending to be a patient. O'Reilly and Rose pretended that the actions of the employee were representative of the organization. O'Reilly even asked “Are we now China in this country? If Planned Parenthood is advising woman to abort because of gender choice, then we are China. And you should remember that the next time a politician or famous person endorses Planned Parenthood.”

But Planned Parenthood has said that the staff member highlighted in the video was terminated “within three days of this patient interaction” and that “all staff members at this affiliate were immediately scheduled for retraining in managing unusual patient encounters.”

Also unmentioned by O'Reilly and Rose is that fact that statistics show no evidence of systematic sex-selection abortion, since the majority of abortions are performed before the gender can be identified, and the gender-birth ratio in the United States is almost even.

This is nothing new for O'Reilly and Rose. O'Reilly repeatedly hypes Rose's attacks against Planned Parenthood but refuse to give their viewers the facts behind the attack.

Maybe that's because once the facts are known, Rose's and O'Reilly's attacks fall apart.