O'Reilly Adopts Beck Conspiracy Theory: The “Far Left” Wants To Collapse “The Entire American Economic System”

Despite announcing Glenn Beck's departure, Fox News is still embracing his rhetoric. Monday, Bill O'Reilly parroted Beck's conspiracy theory that the “far left” is intentionally trying to collapse “the entire American economic system,” an idea that Beck has pushed on Fox News for over a year.

O'Reilly: The “Far Left” “Want The System To Crash” To Create A “Quasi-Socialistic System”

O'Reilly: The “Far Left” Wants “A Re-Cast Of The Entire American Economic System, And The Only Way That Can Possibly Happen Is If The System Crashes.” From The O'Reilly Factor:

BILL O'REILLY: The far left wants the government to control the economy, not private industry. That's what behind The New York Times, Soros, and other big left operations. Very simply, they want a re-cast of the entire American economic system, and the only way that can possibly happen is if the system crashes like it did in 1929. In theory, an economic collapse could allow a new system to rise: a quasi-socialistic system whereby Washington would dole out the jobs and money.

So this budget issue, while boring on paper, becomes the primary issue of our time -- eclipsing even terrorism. [Fox News, The O'Reilly Factor, 4/11/11]

O'Reilly: “People Like The New York Times And Soros Want The System To Crash.” From The O'Reilly Factor:

BILL O'REILLY: Now, it took me a long time to get here, but I am here. And I believe people like the New York Times and Soros want the system to crash. Because there is no other way on Earth that they could continue to bang the spending drum, as Soros and the New York Times are doing -- keep spending, keep spending, keep spending -- when every economist says the same thing: if you do that going over a cliff economically, all Americans are going to be harmed. So I think they want the system to crash so they can build it back up in the quasi-European image. Your thoughts?

BRIT HUME: My thought would be this, Bill. I don't think that's true. I don't think these people want the system to crash. I think what they think is, because they believe that the government is such a prime mover in the economy, they want to see a continuation of increased spending in the near term because in their view that's how you stimulate the economy.

O'REILLY: Okay, but it hasn't worked, Brit. It hasn't worked in two years. [Fox News, The O'Reilly Factor, 4/11/11]

Fox Nation Promotes O'Reilly's Comments That “The Far Left Wants To Crash The Economy.” On April 11, Fox Nation promoted the video of O'Reilly's comments under the headline “O'Reilly: the Far Left Wants to Crash the Economy”:

[Fox Nation, 4/11/11]

Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theory: Progressives Are Attempting To “Collapse The Financial System” To Create “Communism Or Socialism”

Beck: Part Of The “Blueprint For The Radical Left” Is To “Collapse The Financial System” To Gain “Communism Or Socialism” And “Concentrated Power.” From Glenn Beck:

BECK: This is not a random theory. This is not just Van Jones. This is a blueprint for the radical left, OK?

And actually, it is -- I mean, it is exactly, it is how the Czech Republic fell in communism in 1948. This is actually -- this is actually from 1961, the 87th Congress, how parliament can play a part in a transition to socialism, the role of popular masses. This is quite fascinating.

And here's what it is. Basically in a nutshell, revolutionaries have a solution. Revolution isn't the solution. Communism or socialism -- that is the solution. Power and concentrated power.

So, they have a solution. And then they have to put people in power to implement that solution. But you can't be out in the open, so you have to create or exploit problems. What was it that -- what's his name said -- never let a crisis go to waste?

Number four: overwhelm or collapse the financial system. You create strife.

Five: you encourage riots or you just plan them. You coordinate them. And then people cry out for a solution, which brings you here. They have the solution and the people in power to implement it. Got it?

Bottom-up, top-down, inside-out. The hard part as he said, I'll get to that one here in a second because this -- what I just show you, this is E1, this is education. Once you know this, everything changes. You start to see the world differently. That's why education must happen. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 1/5/11 via Nexis]

Beck: Progressives Caused Economic Collapse In Detroit “By Design.” From Glenn Beck:

BECK: In fact, Cloward and Piven. In fact, the welfare rolls tripled around the country by the end of the 1960s and they begun about 200,000 on welfare. By the decade's end, there were over 1 million people on welfare.

As Giuliani pointed out, that happened during in a boon economic period. Now, let's look at the cities, shall we, that are being controlled by progressive Democrats for decades, like Detroit.

Have you seen the latest from “The Guardian”? It's a photo slideshow of the ruins of Detroit. Look at that. This is Detroit. This is a major city in America.

Look at this. It -- I mean, this -- is America. Have you been to Detroit? It's -- it more resembled the ruins of Persepolis than anything in America. There you go -- the ruins. Actually, that looks nicer than Detroit.

The Watts Riots. The riots was the inspiration. Their solution: guaranteed income. That's communism.

But Nixon was in power, so they realized they had to put people in power to implement a solution, then create or exploit problems, overwhelming collapse the financial system. So, they have to exploit the problems that we already have. You know, the ones that they inherited and then overwhelmingly collapse the financial system by getting more and more people on welfare and on the dole until it just cannot hold anymore. That will then cause riot in the streets.

People will rise up because they'll be hungry, they'll be poor. They won't have it. They have expected this system to work and so they will then riot. And if they won't, the people who have the solution will encourage the riots.

And the people, you, will cry out for somebody to do something and those people who now have power will implement the solution. Gosh, how do people not see this?

Make no mistakes, Detroit was by design. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 1/5/11, transcript via Nexis]

Beck: Obama Extended Unemployment Benefits To “Collapse The System By Overloading The Welfare Rolls.” From Glenn Beck:

BECK: Now, it doesn't surprise me at all that President Obama has agreed to spend at least $100 billion that we don't have to extent unemployment benefits for 13 more months, because I --and if you watch this program -- know about Cloward and Piven. You know it and I know it -- collapse the system by overloading the welfare roles.

But there's another part of that as well -- which also means I'm not surprised that the president gave in to extending the Bush tax cuts. It may seem like a loss to many people for the president, but do you really believe Obama, the man who rammed a mega-bill after another mega-bill after mega-bill down America's throat, suddenly had a change of heart and cares what the other side thinks before they even take power? Hmm.

How is the left reacting? They're outraged. He's a sell-out. You don't think he knew this was coming? Of course, he did.

Do you remember the progressive strategy meeting during the summer that we showed you the videotape where Van Jones said, bottom-up, give them a reason and they will rise up. Bottom-up! [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 12/7/10, transcript via Nexis]

Beck: Health Care Reform's “Intention” Is To “Collapse The System, Create A New One.” From Glenn Beck:

BECK: Health care -- show the debt clock, please. Let me see if I have this right. We owe this right now. This is what's on the bottom line right now. But the real number is almost $120 trillion. Now, so, they say, we're going to fix this with government, because evil health care, evil health insurance companies.

What we have to do is have people without preexistence. So, other words, if you're sick, you have cancer, the health insurance companies have to take you, and they can never, ever drop you.

Wow. That's a business model that only the doctor over here really understands! Because I don't. It doesn't work in business. It will put all of the insurance companies out of business, period.

And that's the intention. Collapse the system, create a new one. And one of the guys right smack-dab in the middle of it is Andy Stern from SEIU. I'm going to show you his own words, how he describes where this country is going. You tell me if it sounds more like China, France, or what used to be called the United States of America. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 3/3/10 via Nexis]

Beck: It Is A “Fact” That “Progressives” Are Planning To “Overwhelm And Collapse The System.” From Glenn Beck:

BECK: I showed you last week how progressives will go about implementing their agenda. It comes, all you have to do is listen to people like Van Jones and especially Frances Fox Piven. But this is an old -- really, this came from the congressional testimony and papers that were released and smuggled out of the -- behind from the Iron Curtain. This has happened before. This is how they transformed governments before in communism.

What happens is a group of people have a solution. And then they make sure that they have people in power in government at the top. Then they create a problem, or exploit problems that will go to their solution. Overwhelm and collapse the system, get people to rise up, and then when the people rise up and there's chaos in the streets, the top comes down -- remember, those are the people they have in power in the government with their predetermined solution.

This isn't wild speculation. This isn't -- this is fact. We've laid this case out over and over again and not some conspiracy theory. I've shown you the documents. I've shown you the history of it. I've shown you how it's all playing out again. [Fox News, Glenn Beck, 1/10/11 via Nexis]