Mike Huckabee: “This country will have Bill O'Reilly to thank” if Kate's Law passes

Huckabee: O'Reilly was “giving voice to it when no one else was” and must be given “credit”

From the June 29 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered

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MIKE HUCKABEE: A five-time loser who have been deported five times kept coming back, catch and release type program and he ends up murdering a young woman filled with promise and hope on the streets of one of our sanctuary cities. That ought to be enough to churn everybody's stomach. And I pray that Kate's Law gets passed. And let me just say this, if it does, this country will have Bill O'Reilly to thank for it because he was the one who kept giving voice to it when no one else was and when people were giving up on it. And I got to give him some credit for this. If it's signed, frankly the president ought to give him one of the pens that he signs it with because that's why we will have it.


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